Caveat: Progress in Idleness

Life is kind of boring, these days, and I guess I'm OK with that.  I've spent the summer in a kind of workaholic hibernation – while working, I've been working hard and pretty focused, but I'm not actually working that much, at least relative to the kind of hours I used to put in as a database programmer.  So, never exceeding 50 hours per week, certainly, whereas there was the spring of 2006 when I easily put in well over 80 per week.

You'd think, then, that I have lots of free time, still, to do various things.  … pursue various hobbies.  What are my hobbies and pasttimes?  I claim several.  Here is a progress report on my hobbies and pasttimes – I assign points on the basis of how I feel I'm doing in these pursuits relative to how I wish I could be doing, ideally.

1) I blog.  Evidently – you're looking at it.  Progress: seven out of ten points.

2) I write.  Not this blog, I mean, but my novels and stories.  Progress:  one of out ten points.

3) I study Korean.  I really do… not as well or as dedicatedly as could be hoped, though.  Progress:  four out of ten points.

4) I hike (both rural / mountain hiking and "urban" hiking, which is really just exploring-on-foot).  Progress:  two out of ten points.

5) I read.  Books.  Stories.  Texts.  Progress:  six out of ten points.

6) I jog.  I was jogging really well at the first part of summer.  3 or 4 times a week, 3 to 5 km each time.  Then it got rainy.  Then it got hot.  And I got lazy, or something.  Actually, I hate jogging.  But I really need the exercise.  Really, really, really.  Progress:  one out of ten points.

7) I cook.  I like cooking for myself, I like messing around with food in my underequipped "kitchen."  But I don't do it much, even though whenever I do I'm satisfied and pleased with having done so.  Progress:  two out of ten points.

8) I meditate and do "buddhist"-type things.  In an entirely atheistic way, of course.  I have a semi-lapsed zen practice, of sorts.  Progress:  two out of ten points.

So much for progress.

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