Caveat: Tree #773

This tree watched with the other trees as the studio reconstruction project finally saw some progress.
The “foundation” is square and level (within 1-2 inches, which is my margin-of-error for this type of project), and I have begun putting the skeleton back together. Then it started to rain again so I went back inside.
picture[daily log: walking, 2km; pickaxing mud and roots, 2hr]

Caveat: Poem #1671 “The elder gods”

antisocial potholes  vagrant potholes  migratory potholes
geologic potholes
random potholes  unexpected potholes  cowardly potholes
illusory potholes
amoebic potholes  epistemic potholes  inchoate potholes
abyssal potholes
the car's tires
roll and dodge
across, up,
through, around,
and fail
lurking potholes  somnolent potholes  narcotic potholes
welcoming potholes

– a quennet.

Caveat: Tree #766

This tree was dead, but towered over other, living siblings.
picture[daily log: walking, 2km; pickaxing holes in the mud and rocks, 3hr]

Caveat: Frame Shop Journal #1

My duties at the gift shop are focused around my role as the “frame shop guy” – the gift shop is the only retail location on the island that does custom picture framing, and there is a fairly steady demand for this service. Wayne, the store’s owner (along with his wife Donna), was the guy who brought this service to the island when they opened the gift shop a bit over 20 years ago.
Working two days a week, there is enough to do in the frame shop that that is mostly what I do. I enjoy it, as it allows me to express my creative side a bit more than most other aspects of working in the store. I have decided to keep a picture journal of the frames I put together. The pictures below are from the last 2 weeks. I’ll maybe post this picture journal once a week or once every two weeks. The things being framed are quite diverse, from parents memorializing their kids’ drawings or paintings to fine art (often local native art) to photography to motivational posters.

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