Caveat: Tree #1190

This tree grew along a river.

You will note I neglected my “Friday Blogroll” today. I may end up doing every-other-Fridays or something – I don’t read that many new blogs each week such that I can keep adding to the list so consistently. I’ve been running out of new blogs to include that interest me.

picture[daily log: walking, 5km; dogwalking, 4.5km]

Caveat: Tree #1189

This tree had a notch cut in it 10 days ago, but only today did I complete my project to end its life.
I cut some of it into rounds for future burning.
I also went and planted some leeks in my greenhouse garden. Last time I planted leeks they didn’t do that well, but I had some seeds so I decided to try. So far the only thing growing well this year is some carrots.

picture[daily log: walking, 8km; dogwalking, 4km; c115057066084s]

Caveat: Tree #1187

This tree (the young alder at the right) saw some forget-me-nots (Alaska’s state flower) begin to bloom in front of my greenhouse.

picture[daily log: walking, 5.5km; c106067068084s]

Caveat: 눈도 깜짝 안한다

I found this aphorism in my book of Korean aphorisms.

눈도     깜짝       안한다  kkam.jjak an.han.da
eye-TOO blink     NOT-do-PRES
The eyes don't even blink.

This means a person doesn’t blink in the face of danger or surprise. Actually, the English expression is identical: “He didn’t even blink.”

My friend Seungbae, on reading some of this here blog, sent me an expression to include in my Korean expressions (which I’ve been doing weekly), but I didn’t include it this week because it’s been a bit hard for me to figure out. I need to do some more research. It’s not really an aphorism, more like a contemporary slang expression. Maybe next week.


Caveat: Tree #1184

This tree is a guest tree from my past. I took this picture sometime in 2013.

I’ve been struggling emotionally: feeling incompetent at anything I take on. So today I took on very little, and did badly at what I did.

picture[daily log: walking, 4km; dogwalking, 3km; c116068066084s]

Caveat: Tree #1183

This tree witnessed a dog drinking seawater (because it was there!).

Actually that picture is from a few days ago. Today, I ended up going to work – not a normal work day for me, but I’ve been suffering through trying to solve a major problem for a customer’s framing job that is largely a problem of my own creation.

picture[daily log: walking, 5km; retailing, 4hr; c124068064084s]

Caveat: Too many words, but precious.


We were sitting there, and
I made a joke about how
it doesn't dovetail: time,
one minute running out
faster than the one in front
it catches up to.
That way, I said,
there can be no waste.
Waste is virtually eliminated.

To come back for a few hours to
the present subject, a painting,
looking like it was seen,
half turning around, slightly apprehensive,
but it has to pay attention
to what's up ahead: a vision.
Therefore poetry dissolves in
brilliant moisture and reads us
to us.
A faint notion. Too many words,
but precious.

– John Ashbery (American poet, 1927-2017)

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