Caveat: Tree #1576 “Awaiting some sun”

This tree is hoping for a bit of sun in through the window. There is a maple tree and two bay laurels, which I got a few months ago via the internet. I don’t want to subject these baby trees to the unending damp of an outdoor life in Southeast Alaska just yet – I have noticed that exotic saplings seem have a hard time with that aspect of the local climate, moreso than issues with the lower temperatures or lack of direct sun. Too many of my saplings have died of “too much moisture” – mostly due to concomitant mold / fungus, I suspect.


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Caveat: Tree #1563 “Robinson Crusoe”

This tree had a mountain behind it.


I built a shelf in my greenhouse. I was particularly proud of the fact that I used entirely “found” and “trash” items to build it – wood abandoned on the side of the road, some particle board shelf pieces found in the dumpster at work. I get a “Robinson Crusoe” feeling when I can do something like that, which pleases me.


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Caveat: Tree #1521 “A northbound duck”

This tree stood by while a duck swam northward (small light-colored speck on the water near the exact center is duck).

Since the sun was shining and the snow was melting, I decided I should do some work in my greenhouse.

I planted some spinach and lettuce, moved my pot with my california bay laurel trees out there.

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Caveat: Tree #1319 “The story of the hungry deer”

This tree in the foreground is a young oak tree I was trying to grow. It was doing well. It has been outdoors all summer, it had lots of leaves. I planted it in the ground about 5 weeks ago. Last night, some forest beast (I’m assuming a deer) came along and ate all its leaves, leaving only a few. I’m not sure it can survive this.

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Caveat: Tree #1290

This tree (small, in the foreground) is my redwood tree – mentioned before. I decided it was looking healthy enough to plant it in the ground. I put it along the path to my treehouse.

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Caveat: Tree #1244

This tree is more of an ambitious shrub: it’s a rhododendron bush that arrived in the mail yesterday. I planted it in a planter bucket in the greenhouse, for now. I’d like to have a rhododendron on my lot – I know it’s possible, since many other people have lots of rhododendrons planted. We shall see. I’m batting less than 500 on trees and shrubs in general.

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Caveat: Tree #1236

This tree had been presumed dead – for the last 6 months. It arrived from the live tree order service I use with only one leaf, which it promptly lost. So I left it in its bucket with its equally dead peers, lined up in a “failed tree” graveyard on the western side of the greenhouse. And this morning, I noticed this dead tree had put out two leaves. Interesting!

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Caveat: Tree #1192

This tree (these three trees) is (are) dead – they are three exotic trees I tried to grow, but I was unwise and let them experience a hard frost last month.
I have other exotic trees that are less dead, including a coast redwood, a dawn redwood, an oak, a flowering cherry, and two douglas fir.

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Caveat: Tree #1189

This tree had a notch cut in it 10 days ago, but only today did I complete my project to end its life.
I cut some of it into rounds for future burning.
I also went and planted some leeks in my greenhouse garden. Last time I planted leeks they didn’t do that well, but I had some seeds so I decided to try. So far the only thing growing well this year is some carrots.

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Caveat: Tree #1143

This tree glowered back at the clouds.

I did work in my greenhouse today. I rearranged a lot of dirt, removed a lot of winter-killed plant matter, and planted small beds of lettuce, radishes and green onions. The sun came out briefly, and since it’s now making it over the ridge to the south, the greenhouse felt its warmth and warmed up just a little bit.

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Caveat: Tree #1141

This tree is a palm tree – in seed form. It’s a cold-resistant and shade-resistant variety of palm from China, and they have survived in England and Vancouver Island, so it has a chance of surviving here. So I’m going to try to germinate it and plant it. Because Rockpit needs a palm tree.

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Caveat: Tree #975

This tree was foregrounded by part of my treehouse-in-progress.
Meanwhile, I found a few vegetables in my mold-garden (aka greenhouse).

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Caveat: Tree #961

This tree saw my little colorful plastic windmill-thingy spinning in the rain.
I had a lot of greenhouse tomatoes.
I used several of them, and some elk meat Joe gave us, to make spaghetti.

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Caveat: Tree #930

This tree is the maple tree I’m trying to grow, in the kitchen window. It’s put out some new leaves, which gives me some small optimism.

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