Caveat: meanwhile, a year later

So, like, I should start posting here again. 

Work's been rather unpleasantish.  Lots of stress, not much sense of reward, accomplishment, closure.   So I go into this withdrawel-from-life mode, and curse my fate.  Or something in that vein, anyway.

Tomorrow I'm going to Australia to visit my mother.  Not to where she lives in the northeastern extremities, this time, but rather meeting in Melbourne, thence to galivant around Victoria state, I guess, seeing new things.  She's got a friend in Apollo Bay (SW of Melbourne) which will be a starting point, I'm thinking.

I had put my resume out there, updated, online, a couple weeks back.  So I've been getting a lot of calls from recruiters.  Most intriguing was a nibble from a guy who wanted to forward my resume to Microsoft Corp.  Not likely to pan out, but one always wonders, "what might working for the locus of evil in software be like, exactly?"  I hear they have wicked good benefits.  Probably like what they say about hell – it's much better once you're on the inside. 

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