Caveat: Poem #2331 “A visitation”

The ice along the seashore spoke out loud
lamenting its abandonment, alone:
the tide had left it broken on the rocks.
A duck approached, and clambered on the ice,
assessed the scene, and looked askance, dismayed:
but in the end turned tail and swam away.

– six lines of blank verse (iambic pentameter).


Caveat: Poem #1892 “Gangnam style”

I took the subway into Gangnam's heart
and walked up Teheranno, through the crowd,
immersed in human restlessness, alone -
until the dream unmade itself at dawn.

– a quatrain in blank verse (iambic pentameter).

Here is a picture of the familiar streetscape in Gangnam, Seoul, a few blocks north of the main subway station. I was here every day for a few months in 2010, when I was studying Korean language full-time. So it sometimes appears in dreams.

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