Caveat: Tree #1906 “Tax Day”

This tree failed to pay any taxes whatsoever.


Taxes stress me out so much. And I have to deal with taxes not just for myself, and the excitement of now being “self employed” and all the bonus paperwork that comes with that, but also, I have to make sure Arthur’s taxes are filed and in order. I’m quite annoyed with a thing called “DocuSign” – it’s a service used by accountants, financial institutions, etc, to do “online signing” of documents (e.g. tax returns). DocuSign asks verification questions to verify your identity. These are based on things like previously lived-at addresses, previously owned cars, etc. Well think about how this works for someone with memory issues (e.g. Arthur). It’s an accessibility nightmare! So for DocuSign, identity resides with memory, and loss of memory is a loss of identity. I’m not sure this is how it works from a legal standpoint, and it’s certainly not how we want things to work from an ethical standpoint, I don’t think.

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Caveat: Tree #1900 “A fashionable address”

This tree has a fashionable address on C Street in suburban Klawock, Alaska.


I took the car to the mechanic today, while Jan watched the store. That went okay – the car needed a seal replaced on the transfer case, and I wanted to check the front wheel bearings and ball joints and such (weird noises sometimes on cornering, and it’s been a problem before). Plus oil change, and switch out winter to summer rims.

But overall it was a horrible day, with the trip to the mechanic being the only pleasant part. The store is stressing me out – ambushed by invoices, bookkeeping problems and overwhelmed by what feels like an impossible “more money out than in” scenario. I’m experiencing “buyer’s remorse” over this project to run the store.

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Caveat: Tree #1897 “Jumping the gun”

This tree was near where I used to live in Ilsan, South Korea. I took this picture in October, 2017. It had a tendency to jump the gun on Autumn, always ahead of all the other sidewalk trees.


I experienced a motivational deficit, today.

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Caveat: Tree #1894 “The cowering Jeep”

This tree was towering over my cowering, ill-used Jeep.

Looking downhill at a very tall old conifer, among others, with a snow-covered gravel area in the foreground with a snow-covered 90's Jeep cowering in the lower left corner

Elmer comes in the store. We are talking about who is native, who is not, among locals on the island, here. You can’t always tell who is “native” – there’s been a lot of mixing over the generations, so it mostly has to do with enrollment in a tribal group, appearance doesn’t always tell you a lot about a person’s status as a native. Anyway, somewhat out of the blue, Elmer says, “You know, Richard Nixon was Tlingit.” I said, “Oh really, how’s that?” Elmer, not missing a beat, says, holds his two hands up in the “double peace sign” and says, “I am NOT a crook.” This, somehow, proves that Nixon was a Tlingit.

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Caveat: Tree #1893 “A belated April Fools”

This tree wished me a belated April Fools day as I drove home from work on the famous PSN expressway (dirt road).


Yikes. This morning, when I’d arrived at work, Arthur called me. This is quite rare, that he will call me at work. The reason he called me: he couldn’t figure out how to turn on the TV. This felt a bit alarming. I guess I should feel relief that I’ve made it super easy for him to call me at the store, programming it into the house phone on a speed dial setting.

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Caveat: Tree #1891 “Acceptance”

This tree will accept Spring’s challenges.


Arthur said something quite lucid this evening, after we ended our weekly skype conversation with his brother Alan (my other uncle). Arthur said, “I think my memory is operating at about 2%.” That seems about right to me, I hate to say.

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Caveat: Tree #1889 “소방서 뒤에”

This tree was a scraggly, bare tree planted in the sidewalk behind the fire station across the street from my apartment in Ilsan, South Korea. I was noting that some snow had fallen in December, 2013.


Still haven’t been feeling super healthy. So I ended up being quite lazy today – didn’t accomplish much at all.

Saw this online. It’s interesting to think about.

Grab a couple of dice. Roll them. If you get below 5, those are rookie numbers. Shout at the dice, let them know they’re underperforming. If you get above 9, that’s what we want to see! They’re good dice, and you should acknowledge that. Repeat that and keep a record. You’ll notice that negative feedback often results in better performance on the next roll. Positive feedback, conversely, can make them get lazy. When you truly understand why this method of dice management works, you are ready to give feedback to people.

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Caveat: Tree #1887 “Bent”

This tree was bent.


I had a pretty terrible day. Feeling “under the weather” and suffering a couple of financial “gotchas” at the store. Feeling inadequate the tasks I’ve taken on for myself.

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Caveat: Tree #1886 “Sparse clouds”

This tree was below some sparse clouds.


A silly joke: My wife screamed “you haven’t listened to a single word I’ve said, have you?!” I was taken aback….what a weird way to start a conversation.

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Caveat: Tree #1883 “The rant that wasn’t”

This tree anticipated more photons, soon.


I was planning to write a long rant about road maintenance and technocracy… but I’m too tired and can’t be bothered. Imagine that a rant was written.

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Caveat: Tree #1881 “Pre-house”

This tree noted the lack of progress on the little house thingy (I call it the “pre-house”) on Lot 73. I’m not bothered by this – the neighbor who’s doing this project for me has had other jobs that are much higher priority, involving improvements to his own lot. The pre-house will wait.


The reason I call it the pre-house is because the future actual house will be attached to it – at which point, this structure becomes a kind of previously-existing small appendage to the future house.

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Caveat: Tree #1880 “Sunshine”

This tree saw unseasonal morning sunshine on the first day of Spring. I still expect we’ll see a bit more snow at some point, but who knows – the weather here isn’t very predictable in that respect.


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Caveat: Tree #1877 “Death by the window”

This tree is a young bay laurel tree I had in a bucket in the house. It did really well for about a year then just mysteriously seems to have died (or having grown quite unhealthy, began approaching death asymptotically) a few weeks ago. I am very sad.


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Caveat: Tree #1876 “Resting”

This tree was in some snow a a few weeks ago, at the 8-mile bridge. I am showing this picture because I didn’t take a fresh tree picture today.


Art took a walk down the road today, and apparently (I wasn’t there) sat down (or lay down?) to “rest” and someone thought he was a body in the road and “rescued” him and brought him home. Art claims nothing went wrong he was just resting. I’m not so sure.

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Caveat: Tree #1873 “Waiting around / sheer panic”

This tree awaited the approaching darkness.


I’m really not doing well lately. I’m really stressed by the financial “bookkeeping” side of running the store – especially preparing for and dealing with tax-related stuff. I hate preparing taxes even when they’re easy – and this year, for the first time in my life (arguably), they are definitely NOT easy. Running a small business is a bureaucratic tangle worthy of Kafka.

Meanwhile, I feel like I’ve increasingly lost a technical grasp of the websites I run – they coast along but there are aspects of how they work that I truly cannot understand, and that leaves me feeling helpless when things go wrong – as happened this evening with the main map website.

Arthur is unpredictable – as I’ve mentioned many times before, being a caretaker to Arthur is a bit like being an active-duty military person: 95% waiting around and doing stupid make-work, and 5% sheer panic and SOLVE THIS PROBLEM NOW!

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