Caveat: Tree #256

Today, the Ides of September, Arthur and I once again sought to catch a halibut, but alas, we returned to port having only hooked a number of ugly bottom fish of poor quality. Halibutless. The sea was flat and sunny, though. I saw some seagulls cruising on an improvised raft (hard to see, center of this picture, looking past the southern end of San Juan Island toward San Ignacio and Baker, in the distance).


Meanwhile, trees continued their efforts to touch the sky.


picture[daily log: walking, 1.5km]

Caveat: Poem #1140

worried thoughts   bold plans   internal doubts
early dusk

optimistic words   verbal hesitations   pertinent questions
black caterpillars

long pauses   happy suggestions   convoluted rationalizations
aimless slugs

they might
to change
and nevertheless
we remain

looming fog   still forest   patient spider
irresolute conversation

– a quennet

Caveat: Poem #1138

she said.
She sat down
and looked around.
"The gods can't see us."
He just listened, musing.
"Perhaps when the sun comes out..."
A deer poked its head out at them.
The clouds made the sky a dull, gray slate.
He stood, restlessly, pacing the ground.
The deer, now startled, disappeared.
Droplets of water scattered.
"What if we..." he began.
He gazed mountainward.
She shook her head.
"There's nothing."
He slumped.

– a reverse nonnet followed by a nonnet, an effort to tell a compact (and fictional) story

Caveat: Tree #252

The past few days I’ve been busy with my somewhat unsuccessful effort to remodel the plumbing in the well-head shed (“doghouse”). I’m not very good at eliminating all the leaks – I’m too inexperienced a plumber.

Today, with sporadic rain, I decided to work indoors instead, and have been doing “academic stuff” related to my efforts to enroll in the University of Alaska Southeast’s teacher certification program – a much more overwhelming and bureaucratic process than I had hoped for. Sigh. Life goes on.

Here is a tree over on lot 73.


picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

Caveat: Tree #249

Our friend and neighbor Joe from down the road joined us and we went out on a singularly unsuccessful fishing trip today. We went seeking halibut at Roller Bay, then “Shipwreck” (off San Fernando Island), then the northwest side of Balandra Island. We caught exactly one smallish lingcod. Then we tried for salmon along Cemetery Island and the Coronados, trolling into the south entrance of Port Saint Nicholas. Nothing – a few black bass that were smaller than some of the bait.

Here is a tree, also struggling.


picture[daily log: walking, 2km]