Caveat: Tree #983

This tree saw the addition of a sixth wall panel to my treehouse, and then I lifted the first roof-rafter into place.

picture[daily log: walking, 2.5km; banging and hoisting, 4hr]

Caveat: Tree #980

This tree at the top of the hill in downtown Craig battled gale-force winds during today’s storm.

picture[daily log: walking, 1.5km]

Caveat: Tree #975

This tree was foregrounded by part of my treehouse-in-progress.
Meanwhile, I found a few vegetables in my mold-garden (aka greenhouse).

picture[daily log: walking, 3.5km; retailing, 7hr]

Caveat: Best Sports Video Ever

I don’t really follow sports. But this was very funny.

It reminded me of some of the weird sports I used to invent with my stepson Jeffrey when he was young.


Caveat: New server, same old city, but less old than before

[This is cross-posted from my other blog.]

Having worked furiously, all summer, in taking over the hosting for Opengeofiction, I have now finally reached a point where I feel like investing some time in the creative side – and actually work on the map again for a while.

I have added quite a bit of new area to the city of Ohunkagan. I’ve been saying that, within my “historical approach,” that I’ve brought it up to 1920, but I think there’s more I want to do before I call it officially caught up to 1920. So let’s call it 1917 or so. Also, some of the surrounding communities are still back before 1900 – e.g. Prairie Forge, Iyotanhaha, Riverton. They need to catch up, too. So here’s the new “work-in-progress” gif. picture

Here is the current snapshot.

picture [Technical note: screenshot taken at this URL (for future screenshots to match).]

Here’s the wider area snapshot.


[Technical note: screenshot taken at this URL (for future screenshots to match).]


Caveat: Tree #973

This tree is from my past. It grows amid some buddhist statuary I visited on the Korean island called Ulleungdo in September, 2009 – one of my favorite places in Korea. I took the photo with my old flip-phone, and you can see the time-stamp in the lower right.

picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

Caveat: Tree #972

This tree saw funguses growing on the roof of a shed.
Time consumes all.

picture[daily log: walking, 4.5km; retailing, 6hr]

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