Caveat: Sebastian

1972_ArcataCAJaredSebastianSebastian was a cat that attached himself to our family. I associate Sebastian with the song "The Cat Came Back" because my father would sing that song and it always seemed to be referring to that cat, because my mother didn't like cats but somehow Sebestian managed to ingraciate himself into her good graces nevertheless.


[The "retroblogging" project:  this is a "back-post" written and added 2012-12-25.  I've decided to "fill-in" my blog all the way back.  It's a big project.  But there's no time limit, right?]


Caveat: 1972

I remember the drive from Arcata to Eureka with dad in the Model A (1928 Ford – dad’s main car), because school was at Moore Avenue in Eureka but we lived in Arcata. Sometimes at night, driving home late in the Model A, the loud roar of the old car’s engine would lull me to sleep. I developed the idea that there was an alien landing site somewhere near Indianola. I think it was because of the colored airport lights at Murray Field, north of Eureka along Highway 101. I also remember thinking that the aliens were watching me. I KNEW that if I could behave in a sufficiently idiosyncratic manner, they would ‘rescue’ me from my exile on Earth.
[This entry is part of a timeline I am making using this blog. I am writing a single entry for each year of my life, which when viewed together in order will provide a sort of timeline. This entry wasn’t written in 1972 – it was written in the future.]

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