Caveat: Font Fail

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I have taken some steps to migrate one of my major geofictions – The Ardisphere – from OGF to my self-hosted OGFish clone, Arhet. The reason for this is that OGF seems increasingly rudderless and destined to eventually crash and burn, and I am emulating the proverbial rat on the sinking ship. I still hugely value the community there. But the backups have become unreliable, the topo layer (of which I was one of the main and most expert users) has been indefinitely disabled, and conceptual space for innovation remains unavailable.
One small problem that I’ve run up against in migrating The Ardisphere to Arhet is that I discovered that Korean characters were not being supported correctly by the main Arhet map render, called arhet-carto. This is a problem because the Ardisphere is a multilingual polity, and Korean (dubbed Gohangukian) is one of the major languages in use, second only to the country’s lingua-franca, Spanish (dubbed Castellanese). I spent nearly two days trying to repair this Korean font problem. I think I have been successful. I had to manually re-install the Google noto set of fonts – noto is notorious (get it?) for being the most exhaustive font collection freely available. I don’t get why the original install failed to get everything – I suspect it’s an Ubuntu (linux) package maintenance problem, rather than anything directly related to the render engine (called renderd, and discussed in other, long-ago entries on this sparsely-edited blog).
Here (below) are before-and-after screenshot details of a specific city name that showed the problem: Villa Constitución (헌법시) is the capital and largest city in The Ardisphere. Ignore the weird border-artifacts behind the name on these map fragments – the city is in limbo, right now, as I was re-creating it and it got stuck in an unfinished state.
Before – you can see the Korean writing (hangul) is “scattered”:
After – now the hangul is properly-composited:
You can see The Ardisphere on Arhet here – and note that within the Arhet webpage you can switch layers to OGF and see it there too. Same country, different planets!
What I’m listening to right now.

Attack Attack! “Brachyura Bombshell”.

Caveat: Tree #829

This tree saw some flowers appearing on a blueberry bush.
I resumed some work on the treehouse today, but it was a frustrating day. I kept banging my arms against things, and I had a lot of trouble securing one of the “caps” to the ends of my floor joists. I confirmed that my treehouse deck is definitely not a rectangle, but rather a parallelogram. This is not a fatal problem, but requires a lot of careful work with a tape measure and some extra cuts on my plywood to get the deck to “fit” properly.
picture[daily log: walking, 3km; hammering and sawing, 5hr]

Caveat: Poem #1729 “And”

Un-Rhymed Sonnet.
A rotated rose is nothing more than
Some reconsidered kiss, intractable;
Love creeps like cats, like lawn-mowers across
The green summery suburbs of my heartbeat,
Who tug mercifully passive, all alone
To evoke the blood of reptiles beneath
The scattered rocks of over-civilized spirit
To drain into the corners of my room.
Lovelost.  Your face as if beyond recall,
Memoriam:  As if black / cupric seas
Did separate two serpent-blue-green isles.
Lovelost.  Lost love which clings to my conscience
While I wait like zoo-monkeys in a cage
A hop and step distant from my desire.
And Rhymed Sonnet.
What's lost?  I may die tomorrow-matins
While metamorphic metaphors fly blind
Through the lonesome corridors of my mind
To leap 'gainst these fearsome, scaley satins
Which clothe a cowering lust.  Somehow your smile
Can drag old bears from under winter oaks
To shed carelessly their black hair cloaks
On the floor:  rests a love note all the while
Discarded by love-green-romantic fool;
With the ruby guts of a lizard-king
Spattered on my innards by silver knife,
Parabolic precursor to blood-pool,
Inward-facing stone, little pebble-thing.
The fool must be fool;  I must try at life.
And prose-poem.
Dream:  A rose is your cliché – an expression
of horizontal love that's no love at all
but just like some simple multicolored
leaf – pretty but irrelevant to the soul
which is more like some dead leaf.
A rotated rose is the essence of cut
summer grass – moribund like the subjunctive,
lovelost.  Trees throw leaves down in angry
disgust, "you're too beautiful, and look:
winter comes!"  I want you more than any
silly rose because, somewhat as the cupric
seas of mythic green, you trace magic on
the retina;  a residue fluttering downward
from your eyes like rusting spring
leaves – caught in a late winter drizzling.
I guess it's more your face, traceries of
sea-foam on the somber, pensive rocks, which
danse irreverent of the genius of mother
earth.  Which, of course, evokes further
souls, more, more, than silly, shy, mine.
Suppose it's best you ignore this, as an
angel properly should, but remember to
dream at night about the saintless ocean,
glycerine panic, and that muddy path
along leaf-strewn, yellow-pink, cavernous
cliffs – your name has become my most
sacred prayer, and I don't even know you.
Calm the injunction now, the heartfelt
fool, under post-priori cobalt skies,
romancing a ghost within his own imagined
kingdom.  But you're real, aren't you?
Nevermind.  Néanmoins.  Maybe it's just
that you're Parisian in spirit:
kind-of-inconclusive.  But even dark satan
brightens when you blink.  Your smile
brings only bleeding, ecstatic lesions of
joy; romantics turn away and laugh, but
only at myself.  So what's funnier, this
poem or this man-boy?  A nasty wasp of
something cupid hath stung me.  Unsting
me or not;  ice cream at the beach in
July and now the leaves fly, now thinking
thoughts about you – because now I've
seen more in the wine-blue waves than
just cold Aphrodite.
If in some further time removed, fate
could act as sea waves to wash, for one
brief mote of singular time, your lips
nigh mine, I would fall within that mote
as someone from a bridge towards…

– a pair of sonnets and an accompanying prose-poem, written originally in November, 1984, and posted on that date but now also added to these daily poems.

Caveat: Tree #828

This tree saw me perform my monthly maintenance oblations to the GDC (RV).
I took things farther than usual, airing it out, making sure the engine ran well, opening up the canopy. Rain is expected soon, so I’ll leave it open and hopefully let the rain “wash” things off a bit before wrapping the thing back up in its cocoon. I still need to replace the “house” battery – the secondary battery that is connected to the generator. But I’ve decided that’s not a priority – I am able to start the generator by jump-starting it, but the house battery doesn’t hold a charge.
Later, I did some more work in the deck of my treehouse. But I have run out of brackets. I’ll have to go into town on Monday and buy more, I guess.
picture[daily log: walking, 2.5km; banging and sawing and untarping and such, 6hr]

Caveat: Tree #827

This tree witnessed the boat trying to make an abortive attempt to escape the barn.
I got the cable problem under the trolley repaired, and tested the winch to move the boat out of the barn and back in again – I did this at low tide, so I could periodically run down and monitor the new pulley and anchor at the bottom of the boat rail.
Things seem to be working.
There were a lot of dried-out barnacles under the boat. I scraped barnacles for a while.
picture[daily log: walking, 3.5km; wrenching and banging and scraping, 7hr]

Caveat: Tree #826

This tree saw the lower two sections of the boat rail re-installed.
picture[daily log: walking, 4km; banging and lifting and wrenching, 8hr]

Caveat: Railing Against Fate

I spent the day working on trying to repair and reinstall the lower two sections of boat rail today. I ended up running into town to find some more parts I decided I needed. The boat rails are in place, but I’m still not sure things will be properly functional, as I can’t test it until I can get the cable properly taut – which it’s not. There’s some problem with it under the boat trolley. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Caveat: Tree #825

This tree is near my treehouse – I’m standing at the base of my new stairway for this view.
I had a really hard day at work. I broke a piece of glass which in turn damaged a customer’s artwork (not irrecoverably, but enough that it’s un-hideable and embarrassing).
picture[daily log: walking, 4km; retailing, 6hr]

Caveat: Tree #823

This tree faces a future of sticking up through the deck of my treehouse. I’ve decided to keep it and work around it, rather than lop it off.
The non-temporary treehouse deck is beginning to take shape – the lighter-colored plywood at right will be the permanent subfloor.
picture[daily log: walking, 3km; banging and sawing and lifting and carrying, 6hr]

Caveat: Tree #821

This tree saw the hummingbird feeder deployed yesterday morning. Already, it has had some visitors.
picture[daily log: walking, 4km; hammering and sawing, 4hr]

Caveat: Frame Shop Journal #7

Over the last two weeks, I did a few picture frames at the gift shop.
If that last one looks familiar, well… I did the exact same image for another person, before. It’s the original 1922 Craig City townsite plan and survey. I guess there’s a nice, high-quality image available online, and people are getting poster-sized prints and having them framed. It’s the sort thing I could see doing myself. But I guess there’s no need, since others are doing it.
Beside making frames, I was also fairly busy at the gift shop working on making an “inventory of vendors.” It started out with realizing that the filing cabinet used to store vendor information was broken, so… I spent time repairing the filing cabinet first, so I could use it to organize the folders of the vendor information. I’m going to make a spreadsheet, I hope.

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