Caveat: Poem #2859 “A lousy Buddhist”

mice have died
while visiting
our well-heated home.
I put out traps for them.
They might find some kitchen crumbs.
But the traps have appealing snacks.
Snap! I think: "I'm a lousy Buddhist."

– a reverse nonnet.

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  1. Bob Gehrenbeck

    When it comes to mice, I’m in the same boat. Last October, over 9 days I trapped 14 mice in my basement. I thought about erecting little grave stones in my backyard, for Halloween, but the graves remain unmarked. I rationalized that it was better to kill the mice quickly (albeit painfully) instead of slowly poisoning them, or letting them gnaw their own legs off in sticky traps. And I couldn’t bring myself to use live traps, due to the inconvenience (and fossil fuels) involved with relocating them. So, like you, I stuck with snap traps.
    Bad Buddhists of the world: unite!

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