Caveat: Tree #1521 “A northbound duck”

This tree stood by while a duck swam northward (small light-colored speck on the water near the exact center is duck).

Since the sun was shining and the snow was melting, I decided I should do some work in my greenhouse.

I planted some spinach and lettuce, moved my pot with my california bay laurel trees out there.

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Caveat: 뿌리 없는 나무에 잎이 필까

I found this aphorism in my book of Korean aphorisms.

뿌리 없는 나무에 잎이 필까

ppu.ri eops.neun ip.i pil.kka

root not-exist-PART tree-LOC leaf-SUBJ bloom-INTERROG

Can leaves bloom on a tree without roots?

The meaning of this seems quite straightforward. For there to be an effect, there must be a cause. It reminds me of Lucretius’ observation, “Nil fieri ex nihilo” (nothing can come from nothing).

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Caveat: Stroadland

[This is a cross-post from my other blog.]

My low-effort bragpost for this week is an area of Makaska I have called Stroadland. It’s a bit of a joke, of course. I posit a pioneer in the area with the name Stroad, who is thus memorialized in the name. But of course “stroad” is a currently popular term for major streets in North American, car-oriented suburban development. Not really a street, not really a road: a stroad.

I still have a lot of detailing I want to add. I’ve only named a few stores or amenities, for example. I have a goal to make something that could easily be mistaken for OSM at zoom=15. I don’t think I’m there yet, but I’m making progress.

Here is a screenshot showing the area.

Screenshot of the map window on the OpenGeofiction site, showing an area mapped of a US-style, suburban neighborhood, with lots of detail

Here is a link to the area on the OGF slippy map:

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Caveat: Tree #1516 “An arch”

This tree noticed the neighbor’s dock pilings had received an arch on top.


I’m not sure when this happened – it was done somewhat sneakily. One day, no arch. Another day, arch. I guess it was done via boat – that’d be necessary to get access to the pillars. So they left no trace and I guess it happened when I wasn’t around or wasn’t paying attention, and Art, of course, is deaf enough these days that he probably wouldn’t have heard or noticed unless he happened to look out.

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Caveat: Tree #1513 “A misty, melty day”

This tree had a misty, melty day.

A gravel road with areas of ice, snow along sides but melting, trees and mist in the distance.
After walking the neighbors’ dog this morning, I stayed in and rebuilt my blog and messed with data and made my Chilean-style fish chowder for dinner.

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Caveat: 33MB Later…

Effective right now, this here blog thingy™is running on a fresh new server (see yesterday’s post about this ongoing process).

It was a rather fraught process – the data has become quite large (10k posts, right?). I had to extend the php script time-out limit on the server for processing incoming data from 30 seconds to 10 minutes (!). The blog extract file, not including any images at all, is 33MB text file! That’s huge for a text file. It crashes my laptop if I open it in a text editor.

Anyway, the new server should perform quite a bit faster. It’s got an up-to-date operating system and I installed a thing called memcached which is some software that helps php websites (like wordpress) perform much better. I’ve also got some new security features, which shouldn’t affect readers but will make my life as administrator a bit easier hopefully.

I worked hard to replicate the formatting and configuration from the previous server, and the appearance in most respects should be identical. If you (oh loyal blog-readers) run into problems or weird differences or broken stuff, please let me know.

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Caveat: Infrastructural changes

[This is a cross-post from my other blog]

Rather than my standard weekly low-effort brag post, last week I posted some user statistics for OGF.

This week, I’ll again forego the brag-post and simply announce that, effective today, this blog is residing on a new server. The old server is something I have been wanting to shut down for some time – it’s running Ubuntu 18.04 and it’s not co-located with any of my any other servers. So I’m finally getting around to upgrading to this new server, which is located alongside all my other servers (in Fremont, California) and is running Ubuntu 22.04 (the most recent LTS version). This should help me keep up with the Joneses – so to speak.

This is only one of about 10 different blogs hosted on the old blog server (not all mine, but all hosted by me). I still have to do the others. This one was first, as the “guinea pig” – having the simplest format and hopefully easiest to rebuild. The old server also, inconveniently, runs the Arhet render and my personal wiki. So those things will have to be moved, too.

There should only be minor changes apparent to visitors on the site. If you see major issues, let me know via comment, email, OGF site DM, or on the OGFC discord. Thanks.

Incidentally, this blog celebrated it’s 5th birthday yesterday. So that’s a good time to upgrade.

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Caveat: Tree #1511 “Wearing green”

This tree wore green.

I’m very tired today. Either I’m coming down with something, or I’m just burned out after a long (-er than normal) week. There was Arthur’s doctor’s appointment, yesterday. But we also had (another) water system crisis at home last night. Our water cistern (3000 gallons) had become surprisingly empty. It turns out there was a massive leak down at the dock – there’s a water pipe that runs out to the spigot on the dock, and it had burst. So basically our water was running out directly into the sea, under the dock where no one could notice. I was up late finding the leak and then finding the spigot that turned off the water line to the dock (it was literally buried in several inches of dirt in a hole beside the boat shed). Then I was setting up and refilling the cistern – a 7 hour process, in total, using water from the new well and a garden hose.

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