Caveat: Tree #1521 “A northbound duck”

This tree stood by while a duck swam northward (small light-colored speck on the water near the exact center is duck).

Since the sun was shining and the snow was melting, I decided I should do some work in my greenhouse.

I planted some spinach and lettuce, moved my pot with my california bay laurel trees out there.

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Caveat: 뿌리 없는 나무에 잎이 필까

I found this aphorism in my book of Korean aphorisms.

뿌리 없는 나무에 잎이 필까

ppu.ri eops.neun ip.i pil.kka

root not-exist-PART tree-LOC leaf-SUBJ bloom-INTERROG

Can leaves bloom on a tree without roots?

The meaning of this seems quite straightforward. For there to be an effect, there must be a cause. It reminds me of Lucretius’ observation, “Nil fieri ex nihilo” (nothing can come from nothing).

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Caveat: Stroadland

[This is a cross-post from my other blog.]

My low-effort bragpost for this week is an area of Makaska I have called Stroadland. It’s a bit of a joke, of course. I posit a pioneer in the area with the name Stroad, who is thus memorialized in the name. But of course “stroad” is a currently popular term for major streets in North American, car-oriented suburban development. Not really a street, not really a road: a stroad.

I still have a lot of detailing I want to add. I’ve only named a few stores or amenities, for example. I have a goal to make something that could easily be mistaken for OSM at zoom=15. I don’t think I’m there yet, but I’m making progress.

Here is a screenshot showing the area.

Screenshot of the map window on the OpenGeofiction site, showing an area mapped of a US-style, suburban neighborhood, with lots of detail

Here is a link to the area on the OGF slippy map:

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Caveat: Tree #1516 “An arch”

This tree noticed the neighbor’s dock pilings had received an arch on top.


I’m not sure when this happened – it was done somewhat sneakily. One day, no arch. Another day, arch. I guess it was done via boat – that’d be necessary to get access to the pillars. So they left no trace and I guess it happened when I wasn’t around or wasn’t paying attention, and Art, of course, is deaf enough these days that he probably wouldn’t have heard or noticed unless he happened to look out.

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