Caveat: Tree #1800 “Small and boring”

This tree is small, and boring.


I don’t quite know how I got to an even number of trees on New Years Eve – especially since I started this daily tree thing on January 1st, 2019. So figuring 5 years at 365 days each, plus one included leap year, should give 1826 trees – not 1800.

I obviously messed up counting somewhere in there. I’m an incompetent enumerator of trees, it seems. Either that or there was an unnoticed time warp.

I had been contemplating stopping this tree-counting business, because often the trees feel repetitive. But I like the rhythm of it, and the way it forces me to review each day, even if most days I don’t offer much review: at least it gives me the opportunity and impetus to give a try.

So I’d decided to end the daily tree thing here – I liked the roundness of it: exactly 5 years. But, frankly, it’s not like we’re really out of trees on this planet – there are lots of trees, still. And… This Here Blog Thingy™ appreciates the regularity of it all. Off to another year, then.

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Caveat: 2023

I continued living in Rockpit, Alaska.
[This entry is part of a timeline I am making using this blog. I am writing a single entry for each year of my life, which when viewed together in order will provide a sort of timeline. This entry wasn’t written in 2023 – it was written in the future.]

Caveat: Tree #1798 “Continuing precipitation”

This tree experienced continuing precipitation, while a quite high tide brought the sea closer.


Art had a doctor’s appointment today. Just follow-up and getting all the various specialists in sync with the local doctor, mostly – nothing new or revelatory, though he got a new CT scan of his head, to confirm no new major changes in his brain.

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Caveat: Tree #1797 “광주 나무”

This tree is a guest tree from my past. I took this picture near Gwangju City, South Korea, in April, 2010. I was about to start my new job in rural Hongnong (Yeonggwang-eup).


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Caveat: Tree #1796 “Some snow”

This tree saw snow stick to the ground this morning – that’s first snowfall of the winter, here. But then the snow turned to rain later in the day. Just rain.


Roy the rain-gauge-guy came in the store today, crowing that it was certain we were going to set an annual rainfall total record this year.

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Caveat: Tree #1794 “The pie”

This tree was on a pie I attempted. Actually, it wasn’t too bad. It was a raspberry-blueberry pie – the blueberries harvested from right around the house here and the raspberries from Wayne who lives in Klawock. So local produce.


Arthur and I went over to our neighbor Penny and Mike’s house for a Christmas brunch. Also there were neighbors Greg and Sue and Brant and Kim.

This picture shows them all, minus me (the photographer).


Clockwise from leftmost: Sue, Penny, Mike, Arthur, Kim, Brandt, Greg.

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Caveat: Tree #1792 “Christmas Adam”

This tree is a guest tree from my past. I do these guest tree pictures when I’m too busy to have taken a picture in a given day.

I took this picture in February, 2010, at 금산사 [Geumsan-sa = Geumsan Temple], in Jeollabuk Province, South Korea. I was doing a “templestay” – where you live for a very short time (a long weekend) at a Buddhist monastery, doing the monk lifestyle thing.


We had a record sales day at the gift store – based on my and Jan’s memories of working with Wayne and Donna when they ran the store, combined with more accurate records over the last few years, our gross sales today were the highest ever. It’s actually typical that it’s December 23rd – that’s the “last minute shopping” day for Christmas. I think we combined that with doing well with stocking good inventory, and the fact that today was the day that Santa visited the store (a tradition at Alaska Gifts for a given Saturday before Christmas).

Here is a picture of Santa with some elves he met at the store (i.e. store staff: Kim, Jan, myself):


We also had one of those typical “gale force” rainstorms in Craig today. So as I went to head home from work, a tree (two trees) had blown down on Port Saint Nicholas Road, meaning that work crews had to get out there and clear the tree – so I was delayed getting home until almost 8. And I got home to darkness, because the power was out. That’s been a quite frequent occurrence this damp Fall.

I learned recently that today is called “Christmas Adam” (meaning, December 23rd). The reasoning: “Christmas Eve” is December 24th. We all know that Adam came before Eve, so… December 23rd is “Christmas Adam.” Call it Patriarchy Remembrance Day.

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Caveat: Tree #1789 “City of Rockpit”

This tree helped to frame a view of Rockpit, Alaska – my home. The City of Rockpit is a cluster of buildings just faintly visible near the water in the lower left distant shore as seen through the trees. This picture was taken from the top of 6-Mile Hill.

A view of some trees with a more distant tree-covered hill across some water, which is quite a ways down, all under a cloudy sky illuminated by the sun from behind the distant mountain

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Caveat: Tree #1788 “Stale schtick”

This tree was by a pile of rocks – I believe I’ve featured these trees and rocks several times before, as seen from different angles. I’m running out of unique viewpoints within short walking distance of my house. The “daily tree” schtick is feeling stale.

A stand of cedar trees by a road, with a pile of large rocks (clearly human-engineered) next to it

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Caveat: Tree #1786 “Outside”

This tree was outside, with others of its kind.


Yesterday, I read a novel, cooked and did laundry. Today I had been intending to go into the store, but Jan said she could handle it and I stayed home again. I’m pretty tired from store stuff. So I tried to do some work on my map servers but didn’t make much progress – I feel like I’ve forgotten how to do stuff.

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