Caveat: Tree #1894 “The cowering Jeep”

This tree was towering over my cowering, ill-used Jeep.

Looking downhill at a very tall old conifer, among others, with a snow-covered gravel area in the foreground with a snow-covered 90's Jeep cowering in the lower left corner

Elmer comes in the store. We are talking about who is native, who is not, among locals on the island, here. You can’t always tell who is “native” – there’s been a lot of mixing over the generations, so it mostly has to do with enrollment in a tribal group, appearance doesn’t always tell you a lot about a person’s status as a native. Anyway, somewhat out of the blue, Elmer says, “You know, Richard Nixon was Tlingit.” I said, “Oh really, how’s that?” Elmer, not missing a beat, says, holds his two hands up in the “double peace sign” and says, “I am NOT a crook.” This, somehow, proves that Nixon was a Tlingit.

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Caveat: Tree #1881 “Pre-house”

This tree noted the lack of progress on the little house thingy (I call it the “pre-house”) on Lot 73. I’m not bothered by this – the neighbor who’s doing this project for me has had other jobs that are much higher priority, involving improvements to his own lot. The pre-house will wait.


The reason I call it the pre-house is because the future actual house will be attached to it – at which point, this structure becomes a kind of previously-existing small appendage to the future house.

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Caveat: Tree #1848 “The east wall”

This tree bore witness to the raising of the eastern wall to the shed project. This was all Brandt’s work.


I was pretty lazy today. There was some work on the map servers that I tried to do, but even that didn’t really progress as hoped.

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Caveat: Tree #1847 “The west wall”

This tree got to watch as neighbor Brandt and I (mostly Brandt) installed the framing for west wall of my shed project over on Lot 73.


After working in the morning, Brandt needed some help lifting that assembled frame of 2 x 6’s – it was quite heavy. We ended up using a come-along.

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