Caveat: Tree #1555 “The eagle’s stare”

This tree (in a neighbor-down-the-road’s yard) got stared at by an eagle (just barely visible perched near the middle of the double-row of disused pier pillars going out into the water).


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Caveat: Tree #1546 “Dog on the beach”

This tree hung out near the beach while the dog ran around on the mud flats at low tide, harassing seagulls.


You can see the dog as a white speck at the waterline in the left-center of the picture.


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Caveat: Tree #1545 “Veterans”

This tree was in front of the Veterans Center, in town.

I try to stop at the Veterans Center (=VFW Post) in Craig on Thursdays, when Arthur and I go into town for “shopping day.” Art resists, but I think at least some small degree of socialization must be good for him, despite his inclination otherwise. Anyway, he can hang out with other grumpy old men for a while. And Jan, who is the administrative head of the post and has helped much in the past with Veterans-related advocacy-type help, is a reliable friend.

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