Caveat: 10000 questions and a really long commute

The new job has begun.  I'm full of questions all day long, learning a new industry, new data, new applications. 

What's HL7?  It's a data interchange standard (ANSI style) for healthcare industry.

What's AdavantX?  It's a software package for managing hospitals and ASC's (ambulatory surgery centers). 

What's ADT?  Admission, Discharge, Transfer – moving bodies around the system.

I had to go by the HR department upon leaving work today to pick up my new badge.  The HR department is located in a different part of Long Beach (north of downtown instead of northeast, out by the airport, where my new job is).  So I drove over there, then as I was leaving driving up Long Beach Blvd to the 405 and there was this spectacular, postcard-framed view of downtown LA.  Which is what, 20 miles north of here.  Really remarkable, unsmoggy view.  Cool.

Meanwhile, I'm diligently going to the gym each evening.  I'm procrastinating on that even this very moment.  So far, not much to show for it – my weight won't go down, and my legs and back are sore.  This is supposed to be good for me… really.   Somehow, this is involved in "quality of life."

I'm reading (well, trying to read) Adorno's Negative Dialectics – despite the "negative" of the title it's probably one of the most constructive post-WWII efforts at making philosophy useful and interesting.   Up there with Deleuze, Foucault, et al.  But I need Hegel to make sense of this… I'm not conceptually equipped for it.   Whatever.

Caveat: Next?

Two things:

1)  I finally have a "real" website:  At least, an embryo of one.   It's not very interesting yet.

2) I have a new job, starting next week:  I will be a Data Analyst / DBA (database administrator) with a medical management company in Long Beach.  I'll probably be moving sometime soon – the commute's a bit far from where I live in Highland Park.

The rain yesterday was really beautiful.  I've been reading a book called Darwin's Black Box by a biochemist named Behe.  It's really an anti-Darwinian tract, but well-argued and very sophisticated arguments, made from the standpoint of the "irreducible complexity" of many biological (esp. biochemical)  systems.  Why do I read this?  "Know thy enemy…"

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