Caveat: Just the Vax

Arthur received the Moderna vaccine at SEARHC Clinic in Klawock today. Per Mike and Penny (neighbors-down-the-road), who also received the vaccine a few days ago, there will be some cold/flu-like symptoms of fairly moderate intensity over the next few days. From the literature:

The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 18 years of age and older. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

Anyway, the distribution here on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska is prioritized by age, descending. It may be weeks or even months before I am eligible, since I am younger and lower priority.
This fills me with optimism, however, with respect to the Coronavirus situation. I despair at the prevalence of antivaxxers here in my region (impressionistically, they may even approach the majority, here). I affirm my belief in science and in the general good intentions of people and organizations – even “evil” organizations like pharmaceutical companies.
“Never attribute to malice that which is more simply explained by stupidity.”

Caveat: 2020

This year, 2020, was the Year of the Hypochondriac. I continued living in Rockpit, Alaska. I gave up my expectation to become a teacher in the schools here on the island, and started working as a part-time clerk in the Alaska Gifts shop. I took on duties as the matting and framing specialist. I didn’t travel off the island at all, the whole year. I did quite a bit of hobby work on my “map servers,” and I started building a treehouse on lot 73, down by the sea.
[This entry is part of a timeline I am making using this blog. I am writing a single entry for each year of my life, which when viewed together in order will provide a sort of timeline. This entry wasn’t written in 2020 – it was written in the future.]

Caveat: Tree #712

This tree is the same as a few days ago. I have decided to see if it will survive if I plant it – it’s presumably a live tree, but I think it spent too long on a shelf in a store before it showed up at our house when our neighbors-down-the-road gifted to us on Christmas Eve. I’ve temporarily planted it in a planter in my greenhouse. It won’t be much warmer than outside – the greenhouse receives no direct sunlight this time of year – but it will at least be more sheltered. The white stuff is just cotton, apparently. It’s inert and should wash off over time.
picture[daily log: walking, 4.5km; retailing (inventory), 7hr]

Caveat: Tree #709

This tree is wearing a discarded mask. Note that I did not place this mask here – I simply found it attached to this tree – a true sign of 2020 if ever there was one.
picture[daily log: walking, 4km]

Caveat: Tree #708

This tree was given to us by our neighbors-down-the-road last night, along with some cookies. Juli mailed us some stockings which we opened in the morning. That was the sum total of Christmas, here at Rockpit.
For dinner we cooked some salmon on the traeger (smoker grill), had baked potato and spinach.
picture[daily log: walking, 2km]

Caveat: Poem #1604 “Ode to Hole Pot”

Most potholes could not be compared to you:
the greatest obstacle I had yet seen.
So stealthily did you lie there, it's true,
awaiting my car's tires - you were quite mean.
The way to deal with creatures of your sort
involves a dodging kind of driving skill.
In fact it can resemble healthy sport,
but doubts and worries lurk beyond each hill.
Perhaps I sped along a bit too fast.
It seems I could have slowed down just a bit.
The luck I'd had in swerving could not last.
My god, that thing looked like a giant pit!
But in the end I simply hit the brake.
Behold, a pothole like unto a lake.

– a sonnet in iambic pentameter.

Caveat: Poem #1603 “A diagram of a tree”

spinning leaves  yellow leaves  vibrant leaves
green leaves
wind-blown branches  wandering branches  smooth branches
attenuated branches
forking branches  lazy branches  rough branches
strong branches
the tree's trunk
the tree's leaves
from earth
to sky
twisted roots  spiraling roots  vagrant roots
still roots

– a quennet.

Caveat: Tree #702

This tree was outside my classroom window almost exactly 10 years ago, in December, 2010, in Hongnong Village, Yeonggwang County, Jeollanam Province, South Korea.
I made a chocolate cake, to celebrate the impending winter solstice.
picture[daily log: walking, 1km]

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