Caveat: Tree #745

This tree supervised while I created a rectangle with 4×4’s. Now I need to dig little holes under the six pillars so I can make the rectangle level, and then I can mount my “studio” (storage tent) on the rectangle. This will be a much stronger anchor than just boards on the ground, as it had been anchored before.
picture[daily log: walking, 4km]

Caveat: Tree #742

This tree (well, it’s not so much a tree as a small piece of a tree that became detached from a pointy stick of arboreal provenance) spent three days embedded in my thumb, without my realizing it. But it started to hurt and I pulled it out, somewhat painfully. I have placed it next to a dime for scale.
picture[daily log: walking, 2km]

Caveat: Tree #736

This tree has been killed and processed, the better to serve as the flooring (deck) of my treehouse. Also, I bought some wood to frame out a new “foundation” for my storage tent, since it got unmounted by high winds last week.
I hooked up the heavy-duty trailer, and Art and I drove into town on a special trip so I could spend some of my hard-earned gift-store salary on materials for my treehouse project. It was a lot of work, and harder to drive the potholey road with a loaded trailer.
picture[daily log: walking, 3.5km]

Caveat: Tree #735

This tree has been eclipsed by a circlet of ice that I found frozen on the surface of a plastic bucket and placed upon a decorative pile of rocks.
picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

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