Caveat: holding up the sky

I needed to get out of the house yesterday.  I took a long walk – along a route I took before… some years ago.  I took the subway into the city and got off at Oksu, on the north bank of the rain-swollen Han River.  I walked across the bridge into Apgujeong.  From there I went to Gangnam, and after stopping at my favorite bookstore, I ended up at GyoDae (University of Education).  I walked maybe 7 or 8 km.  It was heavily overcast but it wasn't raining.  It was kind of steamy hot.  I took a few pictures.

Looking back down the stairs up to the bridge.  The subway runs in the median of the bridge, that's Oksu station on the right.

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 003

I love the view along the river, here.  For some reason it makes me think of Italy – maybe it's the arches along the river bank and the way the buildings climb the hillside.

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 015

The bridge itself, with its embedded subway tracks and industrial feel, is New Yorkish.

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 023

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[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 030

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 031

Apgujeong (and all of Gangnam) is a very high-rent area.  I would compare it to New York's Upper East Side, LA's Westwood/Brentwood.

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 038

But there is still the occassional cardboard-carting ajeossi, blocking the forward progress of honking Mercedeses.

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 039

The view at dusk looking east along Teheranno, one of Gangnam's main drags, just west of its intersection with Gangnamdaero.

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 044

Here is a rather famous recently-constructed building that even had a write-up in the Economist, if I recall correctly.  It's your basic glass-and-steel box skyscraper, right?  But it's wavy.  Wiggly.  And there's a giant sculpture of golden hands, holding up the sky, in front – you could stand under the outstretched hands to shelter from the rain, for example.

[broken link! FIXME] Hanriver 042

By the time I was headed home on the subway, it was starting to rain again.  Just a sort of humid drizzle.  I got home and made some tricolor rotini pasta with olives and pesto (I found jars of pre-made pesto at the Orange Mart across the street).

I did a lot of reading today.

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