Caveat: Tree #1907 “From the north side”

This tree (the one photobombing from the top) was on the north side of the bay.

A rocky beach in the foreground, and the waters of a southeast Alaska fiord, with a steep green shore opposite, in the distance, where some structures can be made out, including a house, a dock (with a boat)

I’ve never managed this view before. There’s a wide spot in the road, where you can stop, and a little trail down to the rocky beach, and you can look across the water at the City of Rockpit, which is my home. Currently the City hosts 4 residents – double its population only a few years ago (which is to say, our neighbors Brandt and Kim moved in next door, about a year ago).

Humorous quote found online:

To all the people that always said I’d never amount to anything because of my procrastination: / Just you wait.

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