Caveat: Those Uzbek Girls

I was talking with the TEPS반 boys – there's only two right now – about what different countries are famous for. I don't remember the details of the conversation, but the meaning of this is e.g. Australia is famous for kangaroos or Egypt is famous for pyramids. These are advanced, ninth-grade boys. We were just killing time, it wasn't a lesson.

"What else can countries be famous for?" I asked something like this, speculating.

"Girls," one boy said.

Of course! These are ninth-grade boys, right? "What country is famous for girls?" I asked, genuinely curious what the answer would be.

"Uzbekistan," he said, as if it was a well-known fact.

"Really? Uzbekistan is famous for girls?"

"Oh, yes. They are perfect."

"How do you know this?" I pondered.

"It's just known."

[daily log: walking, 4.5 km]

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