Caveat: Tree #1925 “This’ll be the last daily tree”

This tree (I’d say you’ll have to select one on the ridge in the distance) was in Xalapa, Veracruz (Mexico). I took this picture in Summer, 2007.


In a few days I will begin a major journey. I will travel to South Korea (first time since 2018) and Australia (first time since 2019).

I have been feeling strongly that this daily tree feature has become stale. I am suspending the daily tree feature on this blog. I might resume it at some point, or I might not.

Given how poorly I’ve done with posting other material, that really only leaves my daily poems. I’ll stick to those – they feel like a habit that has a stronger long-term reward.

During this upcoming trip, I’m sure that I’ll post some other materials, in the strictly diaristic mode, when possible.

When I get back, I’ll think about new ways to change things around and try to help my blog enter its 3rd decade in reasonable health.

[daily log: walking, 3km;]

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