Caveat: Tree #1694 “The boat”

This tree was by a boat.

A small, somewhat decrepit-looking sport-fishing boat strapped onto a trailer near the shore, with a tree farther away on the right

Art, Allan and I drove up to the north end of the island, on a sight-seeing tour. We went to a village called Whale Pass. We didn’t pass any whales, though. We saw this boat, a float-plane dock, a “city hall” (?) and “clinic” – all closed. I was reminded of some of the end-of-the-road towns I saw in Chilean Patagonia, with no commerce and just some wooden houses and a few public services type buildings but nothing happening. It rained most of the time, though the sun peaked out as we drove back south, at one point.

CaveatDumpTruck Logo[daily log: walking, 3km; driving 200km]

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