Caveat: Tree #1632 “Plumbing my limitations”

This tree was out behind my shed-greenhouse thingy.

Some trees, some closer than others, and the sticking-out rafters of a small shed

I made a lot of progress the last few days. I finally took on the giant plumbing project that I’ve been procrastinating on. We had problems with the water-intake into the house freezing the last few winters during cold spells. The “heat-tape” Arthur had wrapped the inlet pipe in 20 years ago seemed to have failed, and last summer there were of course the issues with the main house filters (including UV-lamp sterilization, given the water is just runoff from our hillside). So I took everything apart, dug everything up, and re-plumbed things.

I still need to apply new heat-tape and winterize things, but the basics are in place and the set-up is more logical now. Here are the pipes at the point where they enter the house (on the west side of the boathouse, below the main house, straddling the electrical conduit, also visible). I will now have to bury it all.

A hole dug on the side of a house, showing part of the foundation, and some new pipes (plastic) and valves entering the house

And here is the new filter set up, directly behind the previous picture, inside on the wall of the boathouse. I will want to build a little insulated enclosure since the north end of the boathouse still gets below freezing sometimes in winter, it’s not well heated or insulated.

Some pipes attached to a piece of plywood, in an arrangement with valves such that two filters (a paper large filter and UV-light filter) can be activated or isolated

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