Caveat: Ke$ha Redux – by the Simpsons

pictureI swear, it’s utter coincidence. Otherwise, you’d think I was developing a minor obsession. Yesterday, I mentioned Ke$ha in this here blog thingy, in the context of pretentious marxist philosophers and her possibly-related war against pretension.

Meanwhile, I had set my mind to watch episode 20 of season 21 of the Simpsons. Why, specifically, that episode? Because I had heard that it’s the episode in which Lisa Simpson joins a debate team, and that seemed relevant to my work on designing a debate curriculum for my work. My students love the Simpsons almost universally, and so the idea of showing a “Simpsons Debate” struck me as a fun way to approach the subject.

Lo, and behold, look what the episode’s couch gag was: the Springfieldites reprising Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.” With the added benefit of being less NSFW.

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