Caveat: Twice in one month…

Dateline:  Minneapolis

The Starbucks I tried in Lincoln, NE, and then the one in Owatonna, MN, both didn't have functioning WiFi.  So this is your next post.

Driving across Nebraska basically all night was a bit like a bad nightclub experience, but without the fun part.  Although there was an interesting soundtrack…  I guess that's what I'm getting at.  Crystal Method, Chemical Bros., Bob Dylan, and even, I confess, ABBA.  ABBA?  Jeez, why does that one album (SouperTrouper?) always make me remember so vividly that one party at A.H.'s cousin's in Colonia Roma, DF?    I guess that's really the main reason I listen to it.  I think it's cuz V gave me that cassette tape that then constituted one of like three albums I had while living there…

So back in Minneapolis, I immediately head for my old "haunts" to chase down a likely Starbucks… the one perched on the bridgecorner of 4th SE and 15th SE, kattycorner the nefarious McDonald's – the one that didn't hire me in 1992.  Ha.

This Starbucks didn't exist yet.  I think it was a lousy sandwich shop.

The U must be on break – e-22 is closed (the cafe over the bookstore).   However, crowds are gathering for some sporting event down the way. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Taken me a long time to make comment, but reading through your “journal” and mention of Nebraska did it. 2-3 July 1977—all nighter in ’62 beat-up black VW across Nebraska, originating in Rockford, Ill. ’62 VW lights give out after stop for fuel, as pulling onto freeway. U-turn on freeway led by local cop back to service station, repair of lights—fuse; endless night drive until finally daybreak at WY boarder and doughnuts/coffee/juice at rest stop where Cheyenne (sp?) Lions tried to keep 4th July travellers from sleeping into eternity. On across Wyoming towards Brown’s Palace, heading up mountain with another cop, this time tailing for miles, pulling over, confiscating driver’s licence, sitting in his car whilst we sat in ours for about ½ hour. Return of d.l.; no explanation, more following. SKW’s bladder about to burst but no way was there any stopping. Never could drive at night after that trip. Guess who.

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