Caveat: Lost in the woods

I went out tromping on the hillside again this morning. You'd be surprised to learn it's possible to get lost within 200 feet of the road – the brush is so thick, and the hillside is so steep and irregular. Anyway, I found myself again. I have GPS on my phone – there's no real danger, I don't think – assuming I can avoid conking my head against a branch or something, as presumably happened to Arthur in his accident in May.

The day cleared up nicely, though. We will probably go fishing again tomorrow.

Here's a picture from up in the shrubberies. The camera made it sideways – which is often how I was looking at the world, up there, so I decided to leave it that way. It would be nice if my phone's camera was smarter about this – it's a lot of work using my computer to get the pictures oriented the right way, and for now, I'm too lazy to do it, because I can use the disorientation of my morning's experience as a justification for the mis-oriented picture. Right?


[daily log: walking, 4km; tromping, 150m]

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