Caveat: Destiny, Destination

I don't have a lot to say today, and currently I have no new "pre-made" posts queued up for my blog.

So I'll recycle some old photographs, from my uncle's house in Alaska. I don't normally like to "repost" old stuff on my blog, but this is where I'm going to be living. Some people might be interested in that.

This photo is from a visit there in 2009.

This is standing at the back of the house, looking down the Port Saint Nicholas Fiord (an inlet of the Pacific Ocean), toward the hill called Sunny Hay, which has a patch of snow on it. The town of Craig is at the base of the hill to the left, behind the trees and across the water.


These photos are from my visit there in 2016.

This is looking "up" the fiord, toward the center of the island at dawn. The house at lower right is my uncle's closest neighbor.


This is looking down onto the dock at his house. Down in the boat is my uncle, Arthur. Standing on the dock, looking down, are Curt and I.


[daily log: walking, 7.5km; carrying heavy box to post office, 0.5km]

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