Caveat: Los Crazy Boys

My lowest-level elementary class is a group of 4 boys, who have earned the nickname "los crazy boys." I  think I started using this nickname because one day I started talking to them in Spanish out of frustration – I do this occasionally just to bewilder my students – and they began imitating me in a kind of "lalalala" way.

Los crazy boys are very low-level. They're not my youngest – they're 3rd and 4th graders – but they have lower ability than my little ones. But I try to have fun with them anyway, and I try to put the pressure on to learn something – the video camera is useful for putting on the pressure, so I use it pretty regularly. Here they are giving speeches about what they and their peers want to be when they grow up.

The best: James wants to be a doctor, because "knife is fun." …Not sure this is the surgeon I want.

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