Caveat: Halloweeneen

1383132766249The '-een' in Halloween means "eve." So Halloween Eve should be called Halloweeneen.

We had Halloween parties at the hagwon for the Monday-Wednesday-Friday cohorts of elementary kids. It was more tiring than teaching regular classes. I'm exhausted.

At right is a picture of me with two girls who wore costumes. I wore a costume too, although it was a bit of a stylistic mish-mash: the original (a few years ago) was Zorro. But I don't have my plastic sword, so I was using a giant inflatable plastic hammer. And I don't have my mask on.

It appears I'm a psycho sneaking up on them. That wasn't really the intent of the picture, but it works for Halloweeneen.

My middle-schoolers, in reaction to my costume, said I resembled a younger, more dangerous Dumbledore (of Harry Potter). I wasn't sure I should feel flattered by that.

[daily log: walking, 3 km]

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