Caveat: 탱큐☆★

The following conversation with one of my students took place via cellphone text message this morning.  I’ve never had a student do this before – she wrote English purely using Korean syllables.  I’m going to have to show her how to key Roman letters on her cellphone.  Or maybe she did it to challenge me in some way?
Jessica:  티쳐 캔 유 리드 코리안? 아이 호프 소.아임 제시카 앤드 아이 해브 어 쿠에스텬스 [tichyeo kaen yu rideu korian?  ai hopeu so.  aim jesika andeu ai haebeu eo kueseutyeonseu]
Jared:  what is your question?
Jessica:  슈드 아이 츄스 온리원 토픽 올 두 얼 토픽스?? [syudeu ai chyuseu onliweon topik ol du eol topikseu??]
Jared:  right.  choose 1 topic
Jessica:  탱큐☆★ [taengkyu]

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