Caveat: A week later [Maná – Muelle de San Blas]

Dateline:  Los Angeles

A week goes by, not much happens.  I leave for Amsterdam next Monday, AM.  That's when stuff happens.  I'll meet Bob there on the 11th.

Meanwhile, I had dinner with Wendy this evening, good conversations regarding our respective retirements (hers marginally more authentic qua retirement than mine, I suppose), etc.  Ate at her favorite place, La Dijonais there on Washington in Culver City. 

I will confess that I sometimes listen to sappy Mexican top 40 radio, when driving.  I got all sentimental, driving up the 110 home, thru downtown and the tunnels and the Arroyo and all that, very memory evoking – the 110 is the only stretch of LA freeway that I still vividly recall from my childhood visits to LA – so it's like my oldest "local" road-memory.   And road-memories are special, right? 

And for some reason, a snippet of Maná's "Muelle de San Blas" got me all teary, thinking about my long, interesting, complicated, and lately pretty darn OK life. 

So whatever.   More later. 

[I retroactively added this embedded video on 2011-06-24 as part of my Background Noise project]

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