Caveat: 간장공장 공장장은 강공장장이고…

Right before my hospitalization, I had decided to do a series of Korean tongue-twisters, in the same way I have been doing aphorisms and proverbs. I had this little cache of them, half-completed, in my blog queue, which I’m now finally getting around to working through.

간장공장 공장장은 강공장장이고 된장공장 공장장은 장공장장이다.
간장공장              공장장은              강공장장이고
gan·jang·gong·jang  gong·jang·jang·eun  gang·gong·jang·jang·i·go
soy-sauce-factory   plant-manager-SUBJ  Mr-Gang-plant-manager-is-CONJ
된장공장                 공장장은              장공장장이다
doen·jang·gong·jang    gong·jang·jang·eun  jang·gong·jang·jang·i·da
soybean-paste-factory  plant-manager-SUBJ  Mr-Jang-plant-manager-IS
Mr Gang is the soy sauce factory plant manager and Mr Jang is the soybean paste factory plant manager.

간장된장This is a wonderful tongue twister.


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