Caveat: Nonnet #50

I kind of forgot to post on my blog earlier today. I got distracted by something inside my brain. So here's a nonnet, anyway.

I know when I walk to work each day
the best route is based on timing.
The intersections are slow
if you miss the signals.
The first light I meet,
exiting my
sets my

[daily log: walking, but not to work]

Caveat: Nonnet #40

lo sé.
De veras,
no sé porque
no sé, tampoco.
Sin embargo, puedo
imaginar razones
porque no sé. Por ejemplo:
penas epistemológicas.

don't know.
I don't know why
I don't know, either.
Nevertheless, I can
imagine some reasons
why I don't know. For example:
epistemological troubles.