Caveat: Train Canon

I found this video, below, mildly entertaining in a weird way. I suppose I’m not feeling very productive. I’m still in a funk about the residency problem from Univ of Alaska, and meanwhile the stormy weather and my flu-thing are also keeping me from doing much useful otherwise. Recovering from my trip, I guess, and feeling like I shouldn’t have taken the trip in the first place – spending money I don’t really have and accomplishing very little.


Caveat: Tree #342

I think I finally turned the corner on this flu-thing that hit me hard after getting back here. I’ve been using it as an excuse (I think a valid one) to not yet start some projects I’ve had in mind now that I’m back home, including updating my interaction with the school district (in hopes I can move up the potential substitute list). I coughed and sneezed less this evening than previous recent days. Knock on wood.

For example, this tree is made of wood.


NOTE: The last day or two, my blog site has been under a pretty intense, sustained effort to hack. So far it seems to be resisting, though the blog’s automated emailer has been spamming my email inbox with notifications of failed logins and junky comments (100’s to 1000’s per hour). This all may impact the performance of the blog. I am trying a few different security measures to tackle the problem, but I’m not very experienced with this. If the blog disappears for a while, please don’t be alarmed – I’ve created a full back-up, and worst case, I’ll take it down and rebuild it at some point. Thank you for your patience.

picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

Caveat: Tree #341

Do you get tired of trees? I don’t. I find solace in them, and company. It’d be nice if my life was more interesting. What am I doing? I’m still sick with my never-ending flu-thing. But it seems to be getting better. I have been cleaning and rearranging the attic – that’s a big job. I have been doing some work cleaning up my server, too. Trying to consolidate things so I can start a new project, there. I’m staying busy.


To supplement the tree, here is the hill across the inlet.


To supplement the hill, here is a fleet of some ducks disturbing the still water – mostly you can see their wakes.


picture[daily log: walking, 4km]

Caveat: a Garrison Keillor skit with no punchline

I went to a Christmas Concert in Craig today. All the “neighbors” were there – the people who live up and down Port Saint Nicholas Road: Jeri and Karl, Mike and Penny, Gary and Sandy. They’re all retirees. I felt like a youth brigade of one.

Before the concert, Jeri, Karl and I had a late lunch at their friends-in-town, Scott and Mike, both widowers I think. Scott is quite a cook. We were joking  that their houses, side by side, were the “gourmet district” in Craig. We had venison stew that Jeri and Karl had made, and fresh home-baked brown bread, cornbread, lemon pie. Scott had home-made kimchi, too – it’s the best kimchi I’ve had in a long time.



Caveat: Tree #338

It was a busy day of getting water restarted, cleaning things up, getting resettled. Not helpful that my head-cold, seemingly on the mend, reasserted itself. Of course, I could attribute that to the airplane – there’s a strong correlation in my experience between head-cold symptoms and airplane travel.

Well anyway here I am. I didn’t take a picture of a tree, exactly. Here is Sunnahae at dawn – it has trees.


picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

Caveat: Poem #1223

Kiamon's soul was abandoned, adrift.
She had decided on change, more controlled, 
Reining in aimless and angry desires.
Now she just stood, and surrounded by trees,
Body at rest, both contained and enclosed,
Mind sought to grasp the unreachable sky.

Movement, just then, made her glance at that sky.
Eagles sketched circles, with wingtips adrift.
One of them turned, and then dove, so controlled,
Swooping down. Kiamon felt its desires.
Tilting, the bird made a feint toward some trees,
Darkness obscured what might be there, enclosed.

Gripping the hem of her coat that enclosed
Pockets of fugitive warmness, the sky
Shared bits of nothing, like signs set adrift.
Yes. Apophenical dreams, uncontrolled.
Truth becomes burdened by lazy desires.
Greenery elevates angels as trees.

Kiamon thought on those infinite trees.
Naked and stark, their wide branches enclosed
Negative fragments of daydreaming sky.
Mist slanted groundward. Some clouds were adrift.
Water met heaven: embracing, controlled,
Tossing out wishes, suggesting desires.

Self-analytically, she then considered desires.
How did they differ from yearnings of trees?
Down in the earth, their bold roots are enclosed.
Raised up above, their arms hug the sky.
So many seedlings they send out, adrift,
Thusly ensuring the future's controlled.

What is a heart if it can't be controlled?
What is the use of unending desires?
Why? she sighed, shrugging, sad. Let's be like trees.
They're self-assured, with their feelings enclosed.
Pausing, she gazed at the gray-visaged sky.
Birds volunteered for the wind, souls adrift.

Still, all adrift, she controlled her desires.
Trees clothed the slopes, all enclosed by the sky.

– this is a sestina in dactylic tetrameter; I think sestinas are difficult to make non-monotonous, because of their rigid repitition of words. They are just plain difficult, too – especially with a meter. I made this one killing time waiting for the ferry yesterday.

Caveat: Tree #334

This is a tree up at the tree farm.


Today, we went to the VA hospital again with Arthur. This time, it was a one-year follow-up with the polytrauma team. They lauded his recovery, but expressed concern about the possibility of ongoing “mini strokes” as some post-accident MRI’s seem to indicate – but VA internal documentation doesn’t seem well enough organized for them to be sure what’s going on (problems in communication between “Alaska division” and “Portland division”, etc.). Arthur remains quite resistant to even the idea of the initial stroke, much less the idea of mini-strokes that don’t necessarily feel like or seem like what we normally think of as a stroke. So it all seems like just talk, at some level, if it’s not going to impact behavior or self-concept.

For dinner I went to my cousin’s son’s pub in Forest Grove and talked with my cousin and her husband for a few hours – mostly about what it means when one’s elders become senescent and you have to deal with that.

picture[daily log: walking, 2km]