Caveat: Dead Guy

Today was a hard day. I was at the dentist in the morning. A horrible dentist experience, as they always are for me. Pain and discomfort and feeling of being complicit in my own torture, and then having the privilege of paying for it.


I had a frustrating time with trying to get my computer (HP laptop) serviced too. If I want it to be serviced, I have to send it to the manufacturer. Which means being without a computer during that time – plus, it’s a bit complicated since I’m currently traveling around. I’ll probably just not bother. And that means the manufacturer has “won” – they’ve made the issue of warranty service sufficiently difficult and complicated such that I simply don’t bother, which of course is their money-saving objective.


On a good side, I got my tax returns for 2012-2017. That’s a feeling of accomplishment.

I have a lot of pain in my mouth. They had to puncture and drain an abscess above my molar. Ow.

When I got back, I told Juli I felt dead.

She gave me some “Dead Guy Ale” to go with my dinner, which seemed super appropriate.


Life goes on. Tomorrow will be better.

[daily log: walking, 2km]