Caveat: here and there

I had a busy day today.

In the morning, I had to go to the dentist. Rather than find a dentist in Southeast Alaska, I did what Arthur does, and found a dentist down here around Portland. Since he comes here every year, it makes sense. Dentists in Southeast Alaska are hard to get to from Craig – you have to fly to Ketchikan or Juneau.

This dentist thing is stressing me out. I like dentists even less than cancer. That’s the cold truth: I’d rather be in the cancer hospital again than sitting in a dentist’s chair. It stresses me out. Well, anyway – apparently there’s something that needs doing, in there. Hopefully it won’t get messed up as it has, times before.

In the afternoon I took Arthur in to the VA Hospital in Portland. This is just scheduled follow-up from his accident and treatment over the summer. Nothing particularly stressful or gruesome, more on the side of bureaucratic, if you ask Arthur.

Tomorrow, I return to the dentist for a second chapter, and also will meet my tax accountants, hopefully bringing final closure to my long, six-year period of non-tax-filing status.

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