Caveat: Typepad broke my heart (and, not incidentally, broke my blog) today.

I found out today that my blog host, Typepad, has altered a functionality upon which I have relied heavily. I have, for the last 4 years, been hosting all my pictures "off-site" relative to the blog. This helps me keep them organized, helps me keep control of them from an "intellectual property" standpoint, and makes it easier to be "disaster resistant" in the event of problems with data integrity at the blog hosting server. 

It relies, however, on the blog host software respecting the integrity of the out-linking URLs for all those pictures.

If you scan through my blog today, you will see that all my picture links are broken. ALL OF THEM. Typepad doesn't approve of the link protocol of my picture-hosting server (i.e. it's "h t t p" rather than "https"). [And holy crap! – it's using some kludgey rewrite on the actual text of my blog entries – I can't even MENTION "h t t p" without it being "corrected" – hence the spaces in the mentions, here. So it's not only bad policy, it's bad programming, too!]

I have two possible solutions.

1) Migrate my photos to a different server, so that the links will work again (the current picture server doesn't accommodate the new, supposedly "more secure" URLs that Typepad is forcing on me)

2) Migrate my blog to a different host. All of it.

Both of these represent a lot of work.

I feel I can no longer trust my blog host with my data, however.

So much for the "lifetime guarantee." I have been with Typepad for 14 years. I had some intuition that it would come to a bad end, but I had hoped against hope it wouldn't. Such hopes were unfounded, as we can see.

I guess I have a new project to work on, to procrastinate on my taxes.

[daily log: walking, 4km]

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  1. David

    The good news is that visitors can still access the pictures at the old blog by simply deleting the “s” in https from the link.

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