Caveat: How did I get here?

"Teacher, can I use my phone now?"

This is normally not encouraged during class. It was 9:30 – halfway through the last hour of class.

"Can't this wait until after class ends?" I asked.

"I need to call my mom," she explained.

"Um… why do you need to call your mom?"

Pause. "I have to tell to get a ride home."

"I see. Well, I guess that's important," I acquiesced.

A moment later, after fishing around her backpack, she said, "I can't find my phone. Can I use my iPad to send a text message?"

I shrugged. "One way, or another. But can you get it done? So we can continue with class?"

She fiddled with her iPad for a moment, then looked up. "Actually, uh… I just remembered, I rode my bike."

"So you don't need to call your mom?"

She nodded. It's worth noting that this girl, finishing up the 7th grade, is the absolute highest-scoring student at Karma, right now. And although she speaks with a noticeable Korean accent, in terms of grammar and vocabulary I'd give her the lead in a comparison with any US teenager. But she's a bit of an airhead.

[daily log: walking, 6.5km]