Caveat: Not Anymore

My dream this morning:

I was driving in Minnesota snowstorm. Then the guy in the car in front of me, who I recognized as a coworker from Karma, was recruited by some construction workers to get out of his car and wave a green light up and down beside the highway, directing traffic.

This was weird – I was thinking that, even inside the dream. 'Is that safe or legal, recruiting random drivers to work at a construction site in a snowstorm?' I ponder, as my car devolves into a slow skid on the snowy, icy road, nearly knocking the man down. This emphasizes my point. But I roll down my window and wave to him, cheerily.

After driving some more, I show up at the meeting I'm going to. It's at work. That guy who got recruited to wave the green light shows up after me, covered in ice and snow, but he has a girlfriend who looks like a Korean pop star.

The meeting is in Korean. But my long-time-ago boss, Mary (I don't even remember her last name) from when I taught high school in New Jersey is conducting the meeting. And one of my coworkers, who was the head of the Spanish department at Moorestown, was looking around confused, because the meeting was being held in Korean. According to Mary (who has been speaking flawless Korean), the topic of the meeting was a debate contest we were supposed to participate in.

"Participate in?" I asked. "I thought we were the teachers."

One of the other teachers muttered something in Korean to the extent of, 'why does he speak English, it's annoying.'

"Not anymore," Mary answered, now in English.

So we're not teachers anymore?

I wake up.

Caveat: Oyendo los aguaceros


Mirarte solo en mi ansiedad espero,
solo a mirarte en mi ansiedad aspiro,
y más me muero cuanto más te miro,
…y más te miro cuanto más me muero.

El tiempo, pasa por demás ligero,
lloro su raudo, turbulento giro,
y más te quiero cuanto más suspiro,
y más suspiro cuanto más te quiero.

Deja a tu talle encadenar mi brazo,
y, al blando son con que nos brinda el remo,
la mar surquemos en estrecho lazo.

Ni temo al viento ni a las ondas temo,
que más me quemo cuanto más te abrazo,
y más te abrazo cuanto más me quemo.

– Salvador Rueda.

Salvador_ruedaEs sencilla pero muy fuerte poesía. También me  gusta esta cita del mismo autor:

Aprendí administración de las hormigas; música, oyendo los aguaceros; escultura buscando parecido a los seres en las líneas de las rocas; color, en la luz; poesía, en toda la naturaleza.