Caveat: No thanks…

That's how I was feeling last night. It's Thanksgiving in the US, but it's just a regular day of work, here. And it was a particularly awful day at work. 

I was feeling incompetent as a teacher, and yet also frustrated with idiotic parents who complain about what I like to hope are good, research-supported teaching methods.

It was one of those fortunately rare days when I walk home daydreaming about quitting my job. I used to suffer that a lot. When I worked in those computer jobs, I literally spent every day daydreaming such things. In general, I stick with this teaching thing because I don't suffer those kinds of days so often.

So last night, I was thinking, "No thanks…"

This morning, there was a dusting of snow in my neighborhood. You can kind of see it on Jeongbal Hill, in the background, and on the trees in front of the maternity hospital in the foreground.


So for that, thanks.

[daily log: walking, 6.5km]

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  1. David

    Several years ago, I went through a rapid series of unpleasant job changes, the last of which culminated in a talk with my (eager to get rid of me) boss, who asked for my company ID card before escorting me to my desk and then directly to the exit gate. It was then a 90-minute train ride home.
    When I arrived home, my wife asked what I was going to do. My reply was simple: “Siehst Du nicht, daß ich selbständig bin?” (“Don’t you see that I’m self-employed?”)
    What clarity of thought a 90-minute train ride (or a walk home?) can bring.
    P.S — Now, some 7+ years later, I am still self-employed. While self-employment in my profession means bearing enormous responsibility, it is my decision what sort of work I do and whom I work for. THAT is a joyous freedom.

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