Caveat: Dream With Soundtrack

I haven't had many memorable dreams, recently.  I seem to go through phases where I dream, and others where I don't – I'm not sure what causes these shifts.  Anyway, this morning I awoke from a dream that was not particularly structured – it seemed to involve a lot of drifting through an environment not unlike the school where I teach, but rather ghostlike and detached, and with a lot of failed efforts at communication.  The last part is true-to-life, of course – what would you expect at an English language academy in Korea, if not a lot of failed communication?  But, what was weird was that I had a vivid sense that the dream had a musical soundtrack, much like many of my dreams used to.  And the music was unexpected – fragments of 70's songs from groups like Journey and Genesis.  The most vivid part of it.  What was that about?

I haven't been very good about posting, lately.  The weather has been very cold, hazy during the days but never above freezing and often 10-15 degrees (C) below.  Not as cold as in Minnesota, lately, from what I've heard.   

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