Caveat: Poem #1008

The types of darkness are manifold:
firstly, before the big bang's boom;
secondly, the night's blackness;
thirdly, shadows of doubt;
also, underground;
next, when dying;
there's holes, too;
and caves;

Caveat: Poem #1005

a tree entails a gentle growing
a tree elides the sky above
a tree betokens time's dull flowing
a tree rejects the earth's cold love
a tree observes the moon's redundant
a tree points out the sun's abundant
a tree explores the air's canals
a tree will fail to show morale
a tree creates its own committees
a tree can drink the dreams of clouds
a tree provides the beasts their shrouds
a tree dislikes the teeming cities
a tree neglects its own biology
a tree reviews epistemology

Caveat: Poem #1000

A part of every day just writing:
The sky is gray and raindrops hang;
How is a life like this exciting?
Oh wait, a bird unseen just sang.
Unfinished tasks remain regretted;
So forests' moods persist, abetted.
And still a thought will come along:
No fish will come; no time is wrong.
Despairing then, perhaps I wondered...
Preparing rows of trees or words
On paper or on wings of birds-
Exactly ten times, by a hundred-
Momentous thoughts and aimless streams
Suspend what's real. Behold the dreams.

Caveat: Poem #999

That maze of highways wound around points,
demarcating geographies
and perpetuating myths
with a singular goal
which is foreordained:
to indicate
where our deeds

Caveat: Poem #996

in coded ways
that might just reveal
for springtime relationships
with other birds known and unknown
who might be lurking in nearby trees.

Caveat: Poem #993

in lines of glass or wood or concrete
horizons drawn in golds and blacks
a grid, a geographic spreadsheet
dead trees on hills like painted cracks
the cityscape reveals confusion
amid its planless, hot profusion
of means of movement, high and low
of will to commerce, fast and slow
the hearts of people all inventing
a way to make their neighbors slaves
or if not that, then find their graves
and likewise... stepwise... too preventing
our nature's hoped-for forceful claim
against our blind hubristic shame