Caveat: Poem #1055

northbound stairs   dawn sun   sacrificial soul
wide wings

righthand turning   brilliant daylight   reflective meditations
cupric sea

downward view   peremptory cloud   empty thoughts
still trees

the gaze
the world but
to understand
at all

slumped posture   plain wall   cluttered mind
simple window

Caveat: Poem #1049

An unexpected crisis crafts doubts.
Why this body's betrayal, now?
How is the world so unfair?
Can anything be done?
Where is this going?
How bad is it?
Who can help?
What if?

Caveat: Poem #1047

Maybe there's something, despite the rain,
that needs to get done. This dull rain
cannot prevent such tasks. Rain
speckles the water. Rain
is a constant. Rain
cleans hillsides. Rain
greets me. Rain
speaks. Rain....

Caveat: Poem #1045

The last few days, the rain has returned.
It's hard to find motivation.
I make some progress with maps.
It's nice to breathe wet air.
Spots speckle water.
The green trees bend.
Insects fly.
Streams race.