Caveat: Tree #401

Actually, this is a picture of snow. The snow is along the road, melted into a strange shape by rain. There is a tree, out of focus, in the background.


picture[daily log: walking, 2km]

Caveat: Tree #400

I wanted to do something special for tree number four hundred.

But I failed to take a picture of a tree today.

So I had an idea. I’m a linguist (by college training). Linguists draw “trees” – diagrams of sentences. And I thought of a great sentence that benefits from having a tree drawn of it.

The sentence is: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

This sentence is hard to understand. Bear in mind that there are three groups of buffalo in this sentence, but they are all from the town of Buffalo – probably Buffalo, Minnesota, rather than the better known Buffalo, New York. And these buffalo from Buffalo like to buffalo (which is to say, “annoy”) other buffalo. It starts to come clear.

Here is a tree diagram.

Have a nice day.

picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

Caveat: Tree #397

It’s difficult to see the depth of this photo. The snow-covered “tree” is a down-hanging branch of a tree above. The snowy stream is behind the branch, several meters back.


picture[daily log: walking, 2.5km]

Caveat: Tree #396

The sun appeared.

This was unprecedented, so I decided to take a walk down the road. Arthur came along.

This tree has appeared before, here. But now it’s been winterized.


Walking along the road, we ran into our neighbor Mike, out walking the dog. He’s a little bit hard to see: center of the road, a bit behind the dog.