Caveat: Tree #97

I failed to take a picture of a tree today. I didn’t take my daily walk. It was raining hard, and I was feeling tired and disgruntled.

So I will offer this tree from my pre-daily-tree archives.

This is the very rare Korean cat tree, with a ripe cat ready for harvesting, taken in Jeollanam Province during a work-related field trip in February, 2011.


For a less tongue-in-cheek explanation, you can visit my blog for that time, here.

[daily log: walking, 1km]

Caveat: Tree #92

We are officially back in Alaska, after a 42 hour long day (because of the international date line and all that).

We landed in Juneau a few hours ago. I don’t have a tree picture – it’s dark here.

So here’s a picture of an Australian tree – one seen during my long walk in Cairns yesterday (the day before yesterday? – depends on the dateline thing).


[daily log: flying, miles and miles and miles and miles…]

Caveat: Tree #91

Another Australian tree: from the neighbor’s yard up the hill. She is actually a pretty horrible person, per descriptions of my mom and others who’ve dealt with her, but I nevertheless like her tree in her yard.


Presumably, we are flying.

[daily log: flying, farther and farther]

Caveat: Tree #90

We were supposed to be flying in the air. That turned out not to happen – we got stuck in a motel in Cairns. A delayed departure for the first flight led to a chain reaction of missed connecting flights all the way to Juneau. Systemic failure. So they postponed everything 24 hours and we try again tomorrow morning, same time, same place.

Malingering around Cairns, I took a very long walk, from our suburban airline comp hotel to the downtown waterfront. I’ll post pictures when I get a better internet connection.

Meanwhile, a banana tree (or two).


[daily log: walking, 12km]