Caveat: Poem #1030

strident birds green ideas forceful sunlight
gloomy eagle

grave concerns red movement gentle wind
rough bark

angular branches precipitous descent able creatures
spinning insects

the day
but nothing
except now
it all feels

deep soil dull failure dead spirits
ghostly contortions

[This poetic form is called a quennet. It is one of the many odd and wonderful things to emerge from Oulipo. It is a specification not based on meter or rhyme but rather parts of speech and word counts – you could argue that it is syntactic versification. I think more could be done with inventing such constraints.]

Caveat: Tree #141

Arthur and I drove into town: “Thursday is shopping day.”

Therefore, I present this tree from the archives.

The tree that I have selected is to the left of a scary-looking sign. The sign memorializes a prison uprising on a notorious prison island in South Korea (실미도), during the 1960s (the era of the dictatorship). Apparently the prisoners were being trained for a suicide mission against North Korea, but they decided to use their new skills to rebel and escape, instead. Things got messy, of course.

But anyway, it’s a nice tree.


[daily log: walking, 1km]

Caveat: Tree #139

This is a sad-looking pine tree about two-thirds of the way up the slope toward the treehouse location. It’s the only actual pine tree I’ve run across on Arthur’s two lots – there are quite a few of them out east along the road where the muskeg is (the flat stretch near the bridges), but not so many here along the hillside. This pine tree looks like someone attempted to decapitate it at some point, but it’s decided to stay in the game for now.


[daily log: walking, 1km; ditchdigging, 1m]