Caveat: Tree #262

Because of the raininess outside, I have been less inclined to pursue any of the outdoor projects I have in progress. I have been working more on computer-based projects, including messing with my programming environment (my largely unfulfilled fantasy of learning to program using Ruby/Rails), and adding some bells and whistles to a few of my server projects.

Meanwhile, on the equinox, I find attention-seeking behavior among trees. Hey! Quit goofing around!


picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

Caveat: Tree #260

I had what felt like a somewhat productive day – though in fact it was mostly recuperating ground lost on prior days. I got my map server back working the way it should be. It turned out there was a minor syntax incompatibility between different versions of the database utility that’s used, so the script I was running wasn’t working as expected after a routine upgrade. Software is fun!

I took some steps on my application to UAS. I feel like the end is in sight. And then I can begin.

I failed to photograph a tree. I’m neglecting my blogular obligations…

Here is a tree from archives. It’s not a photograph, but rather a scan of an ink drawing. I made the ink drawing in 1992. It shows the front of the old “San Marino House” – the one where my grandfather grew up on California Boulevard in Pasadena. There are in fact at least two large trees and many shrubs in the picture – the house was quite overgrown with vegetation. So let’s select the tree in darker ink lines on the right, to be tree #260.


picture[daily log: walking, 1.5km]

Caveat: Tree #259

I had a frustrating day, trying to repair my map server. I’m not sure if I’ve repaired it, now, but I got into one of those obsessive mindsets that made me recall that in fact, Arthur and I behave quite similarly around computers. Although I think I don’t cuss quite as much as he does. It seems to kind of work. Something amiss with the database.

In darkness, in rain, trees still lurk.


picture[daily log: walking, 1km]

Caveat: Tree #258

I spend part of the day outside working on some more aspects of the well-head “doghouse” – specifically, the outgoing pipes/conduit to connect to what I’m calling the “greenhouse” – I want to build a small greenhouse on the new upper parking pad, hopefully to be able to use next Spring.

I spent another part of the day trying to build a Ruby on Rails development environment on my server. It’s slow going, but I feel I’m making progress. So far the vscode IDE is working much better than all those times I tried to use Eclipse, so the switch over was a smart move.

Lastly, I have been writing an essay for my UAS application for the teaching certification program. I’m sure what I have already is fine, but I’m being perfectionistic. So there’s that.

I failed to take a picture of a tree today. So here is a tree from my archives. This is Gobong Hill with its distinctive radio tower, in Ilsan, Korea, as seen from near the top of Jeongbal Hill, a few blocks from my apartment there. I took it in October, 2015 – just short of 4 years ago.


picture[daily log: walking, 2.5km]

Caveat: Tree #257

It has been one of those rainy days that just demotivates a person. I have been spending some time installing some programming tools on my desktop and server, while I wait for my enrollment process to move forward for the University of Alaska Southeast Teacher Certification program. I suppose I’m more and more feeling that in the long run, I may end up doing computer work, and it would be smart to keep my skills up. Frustrated with the Eclipse IDE, I decided to try out VSCode, which is Microsoft’s entry to the Open Source IDE market. It’s a kind of weird reversal, running Microsoft software on a Linux machine. But so far it seems to work better than the buggy Eclipse.

A tree I saw the other day. Not very well focused.


picture[daily log: walking, 1km]

Caveat: Tree #256

Today, the Ides of September, Arthur and I once again sought to catch a halibut, but alas, we returned to port having only hooked a number of ugly bottom fish of poor quality. Halibutless. The sea was flat and sunny, though. I saw some seagulls cruising on an improvised raft (hard to see, center of this picture, looking past the southern end of San Juan Island toward San Ignacio and Baker, in the distance).


Meanwhile, trees continued their efforts to touch the sky.


picture[daily log: walking, 1.5km]

Caveat: Poem #1140

worried thoughts   bold plans   internal doubts
early dusk

optimistic words   verbal hesitations   pertinent questions
black caterpillars

long pauses   happy suggestions   convoluted rationalizations
aimless slugs

they might
to change
and nevertheless
we remain

looming fog   still forest   patient spider
irresolute conversation

– a quennet