Caveat: The Superb Owl

Today is Superb Owl Sunday – when people throughout the US and all over the world contemplate the fine owls they’ve seen.


I remember how weird it seemed to me, living in Mexico City in 1986, the way that the city seemed to grow so quiet and shut down because of the football game to the north. In fact, I learned that American football is shockingly popular in Mexico. I’ve always thought that Mexico City would be a smart place for an expansion team.


Today’s date is a palindrome, regardless of your preferred format.

Do you like MM/DD/YYYY? Palindrome, check: 02022020

Do you instead prefer DD/MM/YYYY? Palindrome, check: 02022020

Or, like me, do you prefer YYYY/MM/DD? Palindrome, check: 20200202

When will this happen again? Far, far in the future.


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