Caveat: Tree #338

It was a busy day of getting water restarted, cleaning things up, getting resettled. Not helpful that my head-cold, seemingly on the mend, reasserted itself. Of course, I could attribute that to the airplane – there’s a strong correlation in my experience between head-cold symptoms and airplane travel.

Well anyway here I am. I didn’t take a picture of a tree, exactly. Here is Sunnahae at dawn – it has trees.


picture[daily log: walking, 3km]

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  1. David

    Nice picture. It’s for this kind of scenery that I live where I do, although it’s not directly at my front door.

    I’d have a panoramic view of the Alps on the horizon if my neighbor’s apartment weren’t in the way. I’ve jested about blowing it up some time when she’s away. Guess who she doesn’t ask to water her plants!

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